9 thoughts on “Memberships Now Available!

  1. Hello,
    I became a member but I wanted to make sure I’m not billed monthly. I don’t see anywhere I could cancel the membership.


    1. I’ve just created a one month non-recurring membership. If you are billed for another month I can refund the money and cancel your membership. Just let me know if you want to cancel after the first month but I’m sure you will be able to do so.

      1. would it be possible for you to refund now? I didn’t notice there was a coupon for members either so I payed the full amount even though I was on OF too. I would re subscribe with the coupon after the refund.

    1. The payment method I’m currently using doesn’t allow for explicit content. I’ve signed up with a 2257 compliant storage system and now I eventually need to integrate the new payment system. I’m working on it though. Thanks for your patience

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