Another Old Glimpses Video

Paraditas Tijuana
Driving and walking Zona Norte Tijuana Mexico

Another one of my old videos from the deleted YouTube channel. Just added two more videos to the member section. These videos were removed for not meeting the community or advertisers guidelines. Luckily you can still watch them here. See your favorite paraditas from the past. Many of them of course are still in the same place. Miss this place! I’ll be heading to Mexico again very soon. More details to come!

My favorite girls!
White stockings the alley Zona Norte Tijuana Mexico

Much more in the member section!

The alley Tijuana Mexico
Back of Hong Kong
Beautiful paraditas
La Malquerida
Zona Norte Trannies

Zona Norte wouldn’t be complete without the trannies, transvestites or transgenders! Some guys get fooled but many actually look for trannies. Hey no judgement, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What happens in TJ stays in TJ.

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