New YouTube Channel

Dear members and fans I do have another channel that is completely separate from my cancelled channel and it has been around for a while just in case the glimpses channel ever got cancelled. The Glimpses From channel was taken down because I was using YouTube memberships to promote access this site which is against their policy. Wasn’t anything about the public content since the public content was all monetized and was inline with their policy. Therefore there will be no association from this site to the other YouTube channel that I have to avoid any issues in the future. There are many channels with great red-light and travel content, one of them is mine 🙂 I cannot disclose which because there are haters with nothing better to do than to try and cause issues. I pray for them, hope that they find peace and eventually acquire meaningful lives. Group therapy is often helpful if some of you are reading this. Some of these guys actually joined my member site just to try and get information on me. Anyways hope that you all had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate and have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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