4 thoughts on “Loutron Lineup Medellin Colombia 2021-11-20

  1. Hey gf,

    How dangerous would you say it is to travel to Tijuana, medellin, or bogota. I heard it was dangerous. I am hispanic and speak fluent spanish but raised in the states fyi.

    1. If you look up the most dangerous cities in the world Tijuana comes up first but unless you are involved in the drug trade you will not be affected unless you end up in the crossfire. I’ve been to Tijuana many times and have never had a problem. Medellin and Bogota have a bad reputation from 30 years ago but to be honest it is not dangerous at all any more. I’d be more afraid of walking through LA, New York, St Louis, Baltimore and San Francisco these days than anywhere in Colombia but of course if you believe what you see on TV then don’t ask me.

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